New Study Finds “The Director’s Chair is White and Male”… Who Would’ve Guessed?

It is not a shock to see The Hollywood Reporter writing articles about the representation of women and minorities in Hollywood, especially when you examine jobs like the director, producer, and director of photography. The most recent study into this matter by USC sheds more light on just how difficult it is to continue making films as a woman or person of color even after you have produced a successful film.

The study analyzed the top one thousand films in the last ten years and found that of the group 54.8 percent of men directed just one film, while a whopping 80 percent of women directed just one film during this time; moreover, the most prolific female director during this period, Anne Fletcher, was able to direct just four films across the ten year period. This placed Anne Fletcher in 24th place on the list, which was a tie with thirty-one male directors. In comparison, Tyler Perry was able to direct fourteen films during the same ten-year period and held the number one place on the list of directors.

While this topic has been addressed many times before, the article by the Hollywood Reporter looks at a new perspective. It proves that even those women and minorities who were able to overcome the odds and make it onto the list of one thousand highest grossing films are still unlikely to be acknowledged for their achievements. It offers some potential solutions; however, this study proves that this is a pervasive problem as even the most successful female and minority directors are not getting the recognition that they deserve, which will unfortunately likely continue for years to come.


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