On The Business Podcast with Kim Masters and her guest Matt Belloni, the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, they discuss the ousting of Paramount CEO Brad Grey and the overall change in studio climate.

After 12 years as the head of Paramount, Brad Grey is now relieved of his duty as the head of the studio. While Masters briefly defends Grey by saying the studio did have a few films nominated for Oscars this year, she also makes the point that it suffered $450 million in losses, so the ousting of Grey was inevitable.  A few years ago, this job might have had people lining up to take the position; however, according to Belloni and Masters, the role is no longer defined by visionaries, but instead is seen as more a position where the head if the studio is “managing up” and ensuring the longevity of the studio.

From here, Masters and Belloni shift their focus from Paramount to the overall studio climate where Belloni says there is an increasing divide between the have and have not studios of Hollywood. Belloni and Masters name Disney as the studio that has access to a vast amount of intellectual property through the purchases of Lucasfilm and Marvel, as well as larger investments into films that other studios such as Sony and Paramount cannot compete with. With these concerns noted, the two agree that they see the studio herd thinning as a few studios, such as Disney, will dominate the market more than they already do.


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