Hollywood vs. Trump

President Trump’s controversial policies are felt everywhere, including Hollywood, which is concerned over the future work that is outsourced to Canada and Mexico. One of the policy changes that Hollywood is most concerned with is his changes to NAFTA.

In normal Trump fashion, he has been extremely vague on what exactly the policy change will mean for NAFTA. Early in his campaign, Trump frequently mentioned completely renegotiating the trade agreement; however, after recent talks with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Trump says that he plans to “tweak” the plan. The Hollywood Reporter examines how tweaks or a renegotiation of NAFTA could be damaging to the three entertainment sectors, stating that it would not only hurt Hollywood, but also Canada as they benefit from numerous productions being shot there due to tax breaks and incentives. The other major concern that the article discusses is the free movement of labor, mainly focusing on Canada and the U.S. Lots of Hollywood soundstage and VFX work is outsourced to Canada and people are afraid that the TN visa, a temporary work visa that many in Hollywood take advantage of, will no longer be granted.

I can see how these effects could cause drastic changes in Hollywood. In my brief two months in Los Angeles I worked under or with people from the US, Mexico, and Europe, while also seeing many of the people that I worked for travel for business. While most of the people I was surrounded by would not be effected by a NAFTA renegotiation, I can see how other companies and individuals in the industry could be effected negatively.


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