Disney’s Zootopia Lawsuit

Gary Goldman, credited as a screenwriter on films such as Total Recall and Next, has filed a lawsuit against Disney’s Zooptopia, which won the Best Animated Feature at the 2017 Oscars. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Goldman claims he went to Disney twice in 2000 and 2009 to pitch the idea of Zootopia; moreover,  the lawsuit claims that Goldman provided a summary of the film, as well as depictions of the characters and descriptions, but the two most interesting things that Goldman states he provided during these meetings is the title for the film and dialogue, which he claims was at times nearly identical to his original script.

Zootopia grossed over $1 billion dollars in theaters, which could mean a significant damages payment to; however, a Disney spokesperson responded to Mr. Goldman’s lawsuit claiming he was simply trying to “claim a successful film he didn’t create.” While both sides are engaged in this dispute and it is unclear whether or not Goldman’s work was ripped off by Disney, the lawsuit does sough doubt into the readers mind about the purity of Disney’s past films. They claim that films such as The Lion KingToy StoryInside Out and several other films were also films that Disney ripped off. The article makes no attempt to back up the claims made by the lawsuit, so it will be interesting if they can prove that Disney has ripped off these films in the past and if this years best animated feature winner was actually created by Gary Goldman.


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