WGA Strike Imminent?

The Hollywood Reporter recently posted an article on the rapidly approaching deadline for a deal between the Writers Guild of American and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Talks apparently broke down between the two groups on Monday yet again and many believed talks would resume again the next day; however, the groups put out statements saying that they would not meet again to discuss a renegotiation until the following Tuesday, which is one week away from the expiration of the current contract. Another issue that comes with the week long delay in negotiations is that by next Tuesday the WGA will have likely obtained the strike authorization that it requires from its members and will let the union walk out once the contract that they have yet to renegotiate expires. The other major point from The Hollywood Reporter article is the staggering gap between the two parties in regard to the contract they seek. The WGA is seeking a $535 million package, while The Hollywood Reporter estimates that they AMPTP is attempting to make a $180 million deal. This means that the two groups are roughly $350 million dollars apart in their current talks and makes the quickly approaching deadline and former failed attempts to renegotiate the contract  seem to suggest that a WGA walk out is imminent.


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